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What happens to the used boards?

We could do a bonfire, we could make lots of mulch for our yard but here at the Axe House we have decided to do something good with it. We are happy to announce that we are teaming up with Lutheran Outreach College Hill Peace Park to help the homeless population of St. Louis stay warm over the winter months. So who wants to come help us chop up some wood for the homeless? 

Teaming up to help veterans!

  The Axe House is pleased to present our first charity event to support the US Veterans Foundation.On Halloween night the Zombies are coming to attack. Will you be ready to defend your friends and family? Do you have what it takes to hurl a 1.25 lb Axe with precision accuracy to stop the Zombie DEAD in his tracks?We will also be giving out cash prizes for the best costume AND the best chili. Details are in the event link.

Tickets will be limited and are expected to sell out fast so reserve your spot soon.#ZombieApocalypse #TheAxeHouse #Forthevets


  • So much fun!!! All staff was so nice, informative, and willing to help you out to be successful at throwing! They have many lanes and a couple different throwing tools! There's score boards too to make your own games with! This is such a fun amazing place for a date, for a group of friends, or to blow off some steam after a hard day at work lol! Would definitely recommend!!! -Kattlin G.
  • Excellent facility, and great staff. There is a safety session and training before you begin... the trainers are very knowledgeable and really enjoy sharing knowledge, and answering questions. Will definitely be back often. - Phil L.

Heros are always welcome!

We are a veteran and firefighter owned/operated business so we truly understand the importance of our homeland heros. As a result we want to give back to that community. All first responders receive 10% off of each visit. (ID Required)

Need to AXE an EX?

We have a 11x17 printer to give you a Axe-tra motivational target to aim at. $5 charge for the first target. $2 each additional.

Awe, you guys love us!

5 of 5 stars on reviews

  • So fun and a great stress reliever!! I'll definitely be back! -Katie V.
  •  What a fun way to spend time with family and friends. -Amy H.
  •  Loved it! Competitive and entertaining! Must try it! I will be back! -Dione H.

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Being an active firefighter owned business, we understand the stress and real danger that our first responders endure on a daily basis. We always pray that everyone makes it home okay but occasionally that doesn't happen. That’s when our community shows its true colors. We always come together to lift up our brother or sister and give the family support. The Axe House showed it's support for our brother in blue on Jan 14th. The community came out and raised $2,300 for this injured Hero. We wish him Gods speed in recovery and can't wait to see him come throw axes in person very soon.

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